47-03 Glover East Playspace

To your right is the historic Glover East Playspace. This was the third of three playgrounds funded by and bearing the name of the Lord Mayor of the late 19-teens and early 1920's, Charles Glover.

The first Glover playground was on South Terrace (Park 20) – in December 1918. The second Glover playground was (and is) on Lefevre Tce (Park 6).

This one was proposed by Mayor Glover in 1924, for the benefit of children in the east of the City, including those attending what was at the time the Flinders Street School.

Mayor Glover donated considerable personal funds to the establishment of all three of these playgrounds.

Work commenced on this playground in 1924, including the construction of a cream-coloured stuccoed gabled toilet block. The East Terrace Playground was opened by Australia’s Governor-General of the day, Lord Henry Forster in 1925.

It originally comprised swings, see-saws a joy-wheel, seats, shelter house, and “jungle gym”. The City Council also installed what was new technology at the time - a direct telephone line from the playgrounds to the Police Station.

This telephone line was described as of “great service to the supervisors in case of undesirables refusing to leave the playgrounds”.

This playground area was closed in early 2016 when some contaminated soil was identified there.

The soil problem was rectified and the playground was redeveloped in 2017-18 after consultation with the community.

Old equipment was replaced with new activities including terraced nature play areas incorporating interactive stepping stones, large rock formations and existing established trees.

New sports areas such as small basketball and netball courts as well as handball areas were also installed. It's very popular with students from the nearby Christian Brothers College primary campus.

The historic toilet block shelter still stands. It was refurbished in 2017. The original East Terrace Glover Playground sign is still located above the main entrance to the playspace on the corner of Wakefield Road and East Terrace.

You can see a large Desert Ash tree in the playground. It was planted at the time of original construction, in 1924.




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