35-03 The "Green Corridor" in Victoria Park

At this point, where East Terrace turns left and turns into Halifax Street, you have come to a very popular walking and cycling commuting corridor.

This so-called "green corridor" for commuters extends from Halifax Street right across the Park to Fullarton Road.

It provides pedestrians and cyclists with an attractive passage between the city and the eastern suburbs.

While this route has long been used by residents, it was enhanced in 2013 with the creation of native garden beds, which also provide a demarcation line between the southern sporting fields and the northern race track area.

Looking eastwards offers sweeping views of the Adelaide Hills, a significant agricultural, tourism and wineries region.

This uninterrupted vista is also one of the key values which was attached to the Adelaide Park Lands, for their National Heritage listing in 2008.

From this point, walk about 30 metres further north where you can see a rectangular flat gravel area off to the left-hand side of the path.



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