48-05 First Creek Wetlands & Kaurna Cultural Presentation

History Festival - Adelaide Botanic Garden Precinct Architecture Self-Guided Walking Tour

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The First Creek wetland in Adelaide's Botanic Gardens is a triumph of form and function. While its primary purpose is water conservation, its uniquely colourful yet practical design makes the wetland habitat and surrounding area a destination to see in its own right.
Developed by TCL Landscape Architects in collaboration with SKM, David Lancashire Design and Paul Thompson, the masterplan for the First Creek wetlands led to a fusion of engineering, landscape architecture and interpretation resulting in an integrated system combining physical, biological, mechanical and hydrological processes. Three primary themes – plants, water and people – are explored through the design. These themes are established within a layout which improves visitor entry to the gardens through the eastern gate, maintains visitor and service access and provides a range of new opportunities for education experiences.
The Kaurna Cultural Presentation is a major element of the First Creek Wetland site, developed in 2013 by TCL with David Lancashire Design. Featuring sculptures with text by Michael Shanahan of the Adelaide Botanic Gardens, these elements provide visual cultural markers within the urbanised landscape.



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