48-11 Schomburgk Pavilion

History Festival – Adelaide Botanic Garden Precinct Architecture Self-Guided Walking Tour

Welcome to the Grieve Gillett Andersen Adelaide Botanic Garden Precinct Architecture Self-Guided Walking Tour

Named after the Adelaide Botanic Gardens’ most celebrated director Dr. Richard Schomburgk (1811-1891), the Schomburgk Pavilion was constructed in 2006 in celebration of the Gardens’ 150th Anniversary. Designed by Flightpath Architects, the Pavilion is adjacent to the c.1881 Museum of Economic Botany and was designed to be complementary to the Museum while presenting its own contemporary character and presence. The Pavilion’s design also corresponds with the nearby Amazon Waterlily Pavilion, also designed by Flightpath Architects at this time.

The Pavilion consists of steel canopies clad with patterned glass hovering over a stone paved Terrace. A Visitors’ Information point, a garden shop, café and public toilets are located on two sides of the Terrace framing the central space, with the Museum and the Mediterranean Gardens on the other two sides. This central covered area is used for educational events, exhibitions and functions. The terrace, at the same floor level as the Museum, provides easy access and doubles its functional size, with minimal impact on its heritage qualities. Beneath the terrace is a basement containing service equipment and rainwater tanks that capture all rain from the Museum and Pavilion roofs.
The amenities located here are about to be refurbished to a design by GGA to ensure the Garden facilities remain function and beautiful, just like their surroundings.



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