The Oldest Blacksmith Shop in the City

The large chimney peeking out on the right-hand side of this building is a remnant of its unique past. This is the oldest surviving blacksmith's shop in Adelaide. It is a rare example of a once-important trade. The large population of the southwest corner would have relied on shops just like this one for its essential services.

The shop was built in the 1850s, likely by Robert Palmer, who owned four other properties in the same town acre. It was originally a three-roomed cottage. Nailer and blacksmith Robert Hogan lived in the house and ran his business from the shop until about 1872. When he first set up his business here, Hogan would have been one of fewer than 20 blacksmiths in the city. By the mid-1870s, there were about 80. This was probably due to the dramatic increase in the city's population from the 1860s to the 1880s.

The shop and two-room brick house, like many attached businesses/residences built at the time, is a humble structure. It appears to be little changed since it was built and is an excellent example of early Adelaide construction. The house has gabled walling and casement windows, and the shop a brick parapet and small paned window. It is now a private home.



293 Morphett Street, Adelaide