City Sign Sculpture Garden

This is one of the most controversial artworks in the Adelaide Festival Centre precinct. A colourful, geometric and interactive installation, it adorns the plaza at the Festival Centre’s southern entrance. The space is commonly known as Hajek’s Plaza after its creator, West German artist Otto Hajek.

The installation is believed to be the largest artwork in Australia. It was meant to be the central feature of the Festival Centre precinct. Hajek created it in collaboration with the centre’s architects Hassell and Partners. He saw the space as an “artificial garden”. He wanted it to be a walk-in sculpture the public could use as a meeting place, for entertainment and enjoyment.  

Hajek’s concrete creation is a big departure from the city’s conventional gardens. Since its unveiling in 1977, it has continued to be criticised.

With the planned redevelopment of the plaza and carpark underneath, the installation is again being discussed. There are suggestions it may be moved or removed altogether from the space for which it was designed.